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Active Armor WWII

Active Armor WWII allows you to create scenarios simulating operational combat during the 1930s and 40s, with anything from a brigade to a corps on a side. Games can span several days, and air power, weather, and supply are all represented. In addition to all the normal types of units you'd expect, features include concealed deployment and movement, fortifications, minefields, anti-aircraft fire, captured equipment and supplies, cavalry and bicycle units and more. Maneuver is conducted with battalions and battalion-sized tactical units.

The game provides:

All documentation and reference sheets are printable, for easy use during play. Only a single, offline computer is required for conducting the game - typically run by either an experienced player or a referee. Any Windows computer which has Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 5.* or later installed can run Active Armor.

Scenario Builder: All you have to do is assign a set of basic properties to the units in your game, describing what kind of firepower and armor they have, how much fuel and ammunition, and what type of unit they are. Add to this a description of what theater and season the battle will occur in, and you are done. With a simple forms-based interface, you can create and save the scenario to be played or further modified.

Playing the Game: With a normal tabletop set-up in 1:300/285, 10/12mm, 15mm, or 20mm, you let the computer take care of the mechanics and book-keeping, leaving you free to concentrate on the play of the game. It is remarkably easy to teach and learn the game. Also - because the computer keeps track of strengths and unit statuses, you can choose how you want to base your miniatures and represent your units on the tabletop. The interface is simple and easy to use, and it allows for the referee to make adjustments during play to reflect exceptional circumstances or scenario-specific rules.

To see a sample game, click here:  

The sample is a handful of units from a Western Front 1944 game: a panzer battalion, a panzergrenadier battalion, a self-propelled artillery unit, and a battalion of Stug IIIs face off against an American regimental combat team: a tank battalion, an armored infantry battalion, a regiment of towed 105mm artillery, and a battalion of M-10 tank destroyers. They have the support of a flight of P-47s.

Just follow the link, click NEXT, and then issue orders. You'll see how easy it is... Note that this sample runs in the Microsoft Internet Explorer (5.* and later) web browser over the web, but is otherwise identical to the commercial game. Do not expect it to work in other web browsers.

Availability: Active Armor WWII was previewed at Historicon, this past July, and was run several times at the recent HGMS "Fall In" convention - the scenario featured Patton taking on the Russians after the fall of Berlin. Look for Active Armor WWII games at other conventions to give them a try!

We are currently taking pre-orders for the rules: e-mail us with your name and a telephone number, and we'll make sure to send you a copy as soon as it's available. The price is $25.00 USD.

Update #1 for Pre-Release Version: If you got a copy of the CD distributed at Historicon, or were mailed a copy of the game as part of the pre-release beta, please download the Update #1 file, and extract all files into the directory in which you have Active Armor WWII installed.

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