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  Computer-Assisted Wargames Enterprises

Our Mission

For several years, we have been using computers to help us run our wargames - at conventions, at our clubs, and informally among ourselves. We have found the results to be very satisfying. We are not alone in this - several companies and individuals today offer computer programs for miniatures wargamers, to help with various aspects of play, from running campaigns and generating scenarios to conducting tabletop battles. (See Links.) Many of these offerings are excellent. Despite this fact, there is not a lot of choice for miniatures wargamers, an audience which tends to have strong preferences in the rules they use. We feel that we can offer more variety in this regard, and that it will be welcome as more historical miniatures wargamers begin to use computers to assist in the running of their games.

Our games focus on the actual running of battles, replacing the typical paper-and-dice systems. This frees up players to think more about the conduct of the battle, and less about game mechanics. An essay on this subject, posted elsewhere, points out the benefits of this approach. Although it may not be for everyone, we have found that most gamers respond positively to the use of a computer during play, and that many people who had initially voiced misgivings found that they liked the games once they'd tried them.

No one gets rich writing wargames rules. Our motivation for offering our game systems as products instead stems from the guarantee that they will be of a higher level of quality, that they will be more complete, and that they will be maintained into the future. We believe in this type of miniatures wargame, and we want to see it flourish. This will only happen if there is a good range of commercial game systems available.

Because of the wide array of platforms and computer systems currently in use, we attempt to use web-based technology in developing our games. This allows our products to function more reliably on different computer platforms, and to offer users a familiar paradigm. Our games do not run on the web - they simply use web technologies with which we are all familiar. We will offer free sample games on our site for all of our products, not only for potential customers to see if they like the software, but also so that they can make sure the game will run on their computer before buying.

We will also attempt to involve our users as fully as possible in our game designs and product development. In addition to running convention games, we will provide free betas, to collect input and validate a high degree of quality. Computers allow many innovative approaches to wargames design, and we will try to explore these while still producing satisfying games. Customer involvement in such exploration is critical to success.

Ultimately, we hope to offer innovative and enjoyable computer software for running historical miniatures wargames in a variety of periods. We believe this is a phenomenon which is growing in popularity, and we hope to encourage greater variety and innovation in the products available to miniatures wargamers.

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